A Cinemark Theater In Towson, MD Cancels Several Showing Of Black Panther Claiming Technical Difficulties

Opening night was a bit of a nightmare for moviegoers in Towson, MD.  Cinemark Theaters in Towson cancelled several showings of Black Panther.  The film has been the most highly anticipated movie of the year and people have been waiting well over a year to see the film.

Ticket holders of the film were surprised by the cancellations after some being told by Cinemark the technical difficulties were under control and the movie would be shown.

Unfortunately Cinemark has not disclosed the issue with the equipment however they definitely have a PR nightmare on their hands.  According to reports things were back to normal at the location in Towson but not after some angry press on social media.

Read more as reported by ABC2News:

Black Panther Cancelled

The Cinemark Theater in Towson was packed with people who came for what they call the biggest movie of the year, and then they were turned away.

“I arrived at the theater and they were telling me all of the Black Panther shows were canceled,” said Miya Henry.

Not what moviegoers who’ve been waiting months for Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Panther film wanted to hear.

“We’ve been all excited, I took off of work tonight so I’m a little disappointed,” said Brandie Garland.

Several showings were turned away because of what moviegoers say was a malfunction with the film.

Photo Credit: The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

“There was a long refund line so everyone who purchased a ticket in support of the movie are now getting their money back, said Garland,” Originally when we got to the box office they were saying they were having some difficulties, but they said it wouldn’t be an issue they were pretty sure the movie was going to show.”

But there was an issue according to dozens of tweets we found where Cinemark openly apologized for the inconvenience.

“It may not fall I guess on the people who are bringing the movie as much as corporate and management here at Towson. It could’ve been better handled, better organized,” said Garland.

ABC2 reached out to Cinemark and it’s still not clear what allowed some shows to run and others to be canceled.

Source: ABC2News

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