Music: Fantasia Drops New Single “So Blue” (Audio)


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Fantasia is back with a new song called “So Blue”.  Check out the song below and let is know what you think.

Via Rap Up

Fantasia is feeling “So Blue.” After delivering a stunning performance on “American Idol’s” finale, the R&B songstress gets somber on the latest release from her upcoming album The Definition Of…

The track is all about love that’s gone awry, affection that’s been hurt by two wrongs that, as Tasia’s learned, don’t necessarily make a right.

“See, a lot of times, when things happen, you react in the moment and you’re not thinking about anything but trying to get that person back or making that person hurt like you hurt,” she says in a candid moment. “When you have time to sit back and think about it, it’s too late. The damage is already done.”

Listen to her reflect on better days and how good things must come to an end below.

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