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91- Year Old German Woman Charged with 260,000 Counts of Accessory To Murder

There is no statute of limitations on murder and although this woman is 91- Years old and my not live long enough to make it to court, she should still be punished for her crimes to humanity.

This woman is allegedly involved in the horrific murder of 260,000 human beings in Berlin Germany during the era of Hitler and the Nazis.  She was able to live a pretty full life and one that she apparently lived comfortaby afeter closing a blind eye to thousands of innocent people being murdered.

Should she be prosecuted or should she live out the rest of her days?  Here is what ABC7 Chicago reported:

German prosecutors say they’ve charged a 91-year-old woman with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder on allegations she was a member of the Nazi SS who served in the Auschwitz death camp complex.

Schleswig-Holstein prosecutors’ spokesman Heinz Doellel said Monday the woman, whose name wasn’t disclosed due to German privacy laws, is alleged to have served as a radio operator for the camp commandant from April to July 1944.

Prosecutors argue that she can be charged as an accessory because she helped the death camp function. A 94-year-old former SS sergeant at Auschwitz was convicted on the same reasoning earlier this year.

Doellel says there are no indications the woman is unfit for trial, though a court likely won’t decide on whether to proceed with the case until next year.


Source:  abc7chicago

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