8-Year Old Raises Money & Pays Off Lunch Debt For 295 Students Who Owed Money For School Lunch

8-Year Old Raises Money & Pays Off Lunch Debt For 295 Students Who Owed Money For School Lunch

Photo Credit: ABC7

This is America, the land of plenty; so why would any child be left hungry or denied lunch over a few dollars?  An 8- Year old Michigan boy named Cayden Taipalus wondered the same thing when he saw that his friend was denied hot lunch due to not having money to pay for it.

According to Shareably, An 8-year-old with a heart of gold. This third grader from Michigan decided to take matters into his own hands when he noticed his friend was denied a hot lunch at school because he didn’t have money in his account.

Cayden Taipalus, a student at Challenger Elementary in Howell was appalled since he saw his friend receive a cheese sandwich instead of a hot lunch because his account was short.

His mother, Amber Melke-Peters said, he went home that day and was clearly upset about the lunch situation. He confronted his mother and asked her how he could help his friends so this would never happen again.

So with the help of his mother, he came up with a web page aimed at fundraising called, “Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry.” Once the website was up, Cayden called upon family, friends, and neighbors to raise money to pay off debts for his friend’s lunches.

That wasn’t all he did. Cayden went as far as going around and recycling so that he could raise a little bit of money on his own. A heart of gold indeed from someone so young.

After paying off his friends lunch debts, he requested that the lunch ladies would add funds into the children’s accounts who needed money so that they would never have to worry again.

See more-  Source:  Shareably

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