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6 People Stabbed In New York At The Rap Group Migos Concert


Police are investigating six stabbings and a robbery early Saturday following an event at the Washington Avenue Armory.

Albany police say at around 12:50 am Saturday, they received a call for a 21 year old man who said he was stabbed by an unknown person inside of the Washington Avenue Armory. Minutes later, police located another stabbing victim, this time a 23 year-old male who told police he was stabbed while walking out of the Armory.

Albany Memorial contacted police after a third victim, a 17 year old teen, showed up to the emergency room with an apparent stab wound.

The victim told police he was involved in a large fight inside the Washington Avenue Armory when he was stabbed. At around 1:00 am, Albany Medical Center contacted police after a fourth victim, a 28 year-old man, entered the emergency room with an apparent stab wound.

Police then were called to a home on Sherman Street at around 1:35 am.

There they found two more victims, a 16 year old teen and a 22 year old man, both stabbed.  Both victims were transported to Albany Medical center.  Both told police they were stabbed during an event at the Washington Avenue Armory.

Albany Police are also investigating after a 19 year old was followed into a bathroom at the Washington Avenue Armory by 6 suspects at around 12:30 am.

Police say, once inside, the suspects assaulted and robbed her.  She was treated for injuries to the head and face. Albany Police say the incidents all seem to be a result of the Migos event at the Armory Saturday night.

All six stabbing victims are expected to recover from their injuries.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Albany Police.

Source: CBS Albany 

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