5th Ranked Wide Receiver Jacob Copeland Chooses Florida And Says His Mother Walking Out Of His Commitment Announcement Was Hilarious

Maybe we missed the joke!! Just when you think the one person who should be happy for you really isn’t. Jacob Copeland, a football wide receiver ranked 5th in the nation didn’t receive the support from the one who should have been the most excited for him…his mother.  On his signing day Copeland had 3 options to choose from, Alabama, Texas and Florida, it was clear the choice his mother had sporting an Alabama sweatshirt topped of with a Texas skull-cap. When he makes the announcement he was choosing Florida as he reached for the Florida cap, his mother boldly gets up and walks out of the commitment announcement.

Take a look at the announcement below:

How disturbing is it for a child to be making the announcement of a lifetime only to be disappointed by a disgusting display and lack of support from the one who birthed him? This is not what parents should be doing. EarHustle411 nor the rest of the world knows the full details as to why she appeared to be upset at his choice. It’s clear she was a supporter for Alabama and Texas but the young man went with his heart.

Our children have more than enough they have to be faced with but to add no support from a parent on a day when he should be celebrating an accomplishment many student-athletes long for is heart-breaking.  This is an unfortunate display of disappointment that Copeland will never forget.

While the famed athlete tweeted about the situation and said it was “hilarious”.  Again, maybe we missed the joke!!

Photo Credit: ESPN (Video Screenshot)

We hope this young man goes to Florida and does the very best he can with the awesome opportunity he was given.  As for his mother hopefully she will reflect on her actions that upstaged her son’s shining moment was worth it to be in the history books.

EarHustle411 congratulates Jacob Copeland and we send him positive vibes and kudos on a job well done.

Source: ESPN (video)

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