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Washington Police Are Launching Their Positive Ticket Programs Awarding Young People For Doing Good

Washington Police Are Launching Their Positive Ticket Programs Awarding Young People For Doing Good

Image Credit: Courtesy Of City Of Federal Way

In the town of Federal Way, Washington police are actively ticketing children. Cecilia Navarro was walking her younger sister home– something she does every day– when all of a sudden Officer Thaddeus Hodge, who strikes an imposing first impression, stopped her. “Yeah, I was kind of scared. I was like what did I do?”

What did she do? Well, Officer Hodge spelled it out quite clearly to the little girl, “I saw you walking with your sister, picking her up and I thought that was a positive thing. So is it OK that I give you a little reward for doing what you’re doing?”

Yep. Officer Hodge rewarded Cecilia for doing something good, something right and that is turning into one big positive in the town between Seattle and Tacoma.

“The program is about making a positive impact with kids, but it can impact officers too,” says Federal Way Police Department‘s Cathy Shrock.

Officer Hodge couldn’t agree more. “As an officer you always want to make that positive impact on someone and the earlier you can do it and the more consistent you can do it, it’s a good feeling. It’s a great feeling,” he says as he spots another person to “ticket.”

“There’s a kid right there waiting for the crosswalk, so I will stop and have a talk with him.” Officer Hodge walks up and like with pretty much all the other children, he quickly has to let him know he’s not in trouble. “No you didn’t do anything wrong. The reason I’m here is because you’re doing something right.”

And just like Cecilia, this boy gets a reward as well. All the certificates and coupons officers are handing out, for things like a free movie, don’t cost taxpayers a thing—all are donated.

The bigger reward here? The payoff to the community as a whole. One child. One powerfully positive interaction with police and, who knows, maybe one life changed for the better forever. Here’s the story we shared on FOX 29:

Source: Fox 29

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