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Illinois Taxpayers Will Not Receive A Tax Return Until March 1

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Illinois taxpayers can expect to wait longer for refunds this year, with the state revenue department saying it will take longer to process paperwork in an effort to prevent fraud and identity theft.

The agency said Monday that it doesn’t plan to release any refund payments through March 1. After that, refunds filed electronically should be processed within two to three weeks from the date submitted. Paper returns will take longer.

“Essentially, what we want to do is be deliberate in our part to slow down the process and match up information on our end so that refunds get to the people they belong to,” agency spokesman Terry Horstman said.

Horstman would not discuss specific security protocols. “That’s information we certainly keep close to make sure that any fraudsters out there don’t figure it out,” he said.

Delays are unrelated to the state budget impasse, he said. The agency received a supplemental appropriation to keep running as Illinois continues to operate without a full spending plan since July 1.

Source: Chicago Tribune 

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