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A Historic Vote By UK Parliament Approves Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria


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In a historic vote, the British Parliament voted today in favor of allowing further airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

An amendment blocking Prime Minister David Cameron‘s plans to order the bombing of ISIS posts in Syria was defeated 390-211 in Parliament earlier in the day, and 397 lawmakers then backed new bombings.

Cameron was in favor of the strikes, which could start as early as this week. So far, Britain has been participating in U.S.-led coalition attacks against ISIS posts in Iraq only.

The vote in the United Kingdom comes just one day after U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told the House Armed Services Committee a new U.S. Special Operations “targeting force” will be deployed to Iraq to go after ISIS leaders.

New pressure to diminish ISIS forces in Syria intensified after the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the Nov. 13 coordinated attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead.

Source: ABC 7 News

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