50 Cent Tells “The Breakfast Club” Suge Knight Was Going To Kill Dr. Dre [Video]

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo dropped by The Breakfast Club just in time for the release of their new EP, The Beast Is G-Unit.  They’ve grown up – the Unit’s quick to say that they’ve matured (there’s even a song named after it), and they’re using it to their advantage despite the fact that it’s not a full album.

With Suge Knight in the news lately after his involvement in a recent shooting, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy took the opportunity to ask the guys to give a history lesson.

“You guys gotta understand – Suge was gona kill Dre,” said 50 Cent. “He was gonna kill him because Tupac was making #1 records, and Dre wasn’t producing them. And Pac was getting ready to be done.”

A lot more talk went down – peep the interview below to see it for yourself.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Power 105.1FM

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