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5-Year Old Shoots Infant Sibling In The Head Baby Dies As A Result

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An infant died on Monday after being shot in the head by his 5-year-old brother.

The 9-month-old boy was shot shortly before 9 a.m. at a home in Elmo, Missouri, according to the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office.

The mother of the two children initially told deputies her 5-year-old son shot the infant in the head with a paintball gun. After an ambulance arrived, it was determined the infant had been shot in the head with a .22 caliber magnum revolver.

Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White said the loaded gun had been kept on a shelf which was built into the headboard of the master bed. The infant was found in a crib in the room and law enforcement found the gun nearby.

The infant was found in a crib located in the room and law enforcement found the gun nearby.

The infant was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where he was pronounced dead.

A neighbor and friend of the family told WDAF the mother was home alone with her four boys at the time of the shooting.

“They’re a very good family and this was a tragedy. It’s a sad deal. I just hope everybody prays for them,”Kathy Armentrout said.

Source: WGN

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