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5- Year Old Girl Taken From Home By Stranger & Beaten In Her Own Backyard

5- Year Old Girl Taken From Home By Stranger & Beaten In Her Own Backyard

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)- Police believe an intruder took a 5-year-old girl from her North Philadelphia home overnight Tuesday and kicked her until she was semiconscious. Police are describing this as a single incident.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” said the victim’s mother, Vyenka Hopkins.

Captain John Darby of the Special Victims unit says that the mother discovered the girl was missing from her bed and soon found her in the yard. According to police, 5-year-old Cynia was found Tuesday morning with a broken jaw, skull fractures and abdominal bruises. She is in stable condition at a hospital.

Police believe the attacker entered the house through a first floor window. The girl told police that she got up during the night and was walking in the hallway when a man came from behind the closet door, took her and carried her outside of the property, according to police. She stated that the man began to kick and punch her. According to Darby, the semiconscious child was dumped by the home.

Police say the girl was not sexually assaulted. They hope to identify an attacker based on DNA retrieved from the scene.

Source: FOX

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