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3/4 Of The Citizens In Ferguson, MO Have Arrest Warrants…WOW!!


In the wake of the FBI’s scathing report on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, there is one very important detail that has largely been glossed over by the media and general public alike.

The recent information dump by The Department of Justice, revealed numerous outrageous instances of police brutality and racism in Ferguson, Missouri. The report released by the DOJ was directly related to an investigation into claims of civil rights abuses by officers and whether Darren Wilson, violated the civil rights of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown when he shot and killed him last summer.

Some of the most common forms of racist policing highlighted by the report was determined to be the selective enforcement of traffic laws, and using minor ordinances to generate a tremendous amount of city revenue at the expense of the most vulnerable and poor members of the community.

But there were many other things in the report that demonstrated the depart was engaged in “a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct… that violates the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and federal statutory law.”

But beyond the many instances of abuse and discrimination highlighted in the report, as it turns out, nearly everyone in the City of Ferguson is actually a wanted criminal with warrants out for their arrests.

In the city of 21,000, there are literally 16,000 with outstanding warrants out for their arrests. That means that three out of every four Ferguson residents is a wanted fugitive. There’s something very wrong with that, and as the

The Justice Department has been thoroughly investigating the Ferguson Police Department for racist practices in hiring and in policing methods and community interactions since the decision was returned not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Brown.

Earlier this month, we published a report about how Ferguson Is Being Sued Over ‘Debtors Prisons’ For the Poor.

The 102-page DOJ report documents the arrest warrant data for the Ferguson Municipal Court, which corroborate internal police department communications which found the number of arrest warrants to be “staggering” in the city. The report tells that by December of last year “over 16,000 people had outstanding arrest warrants that had been issued by the court.”

In 2013, there were 32,975 offenses that had warrants issued for them, which equals 1.5 offenses for every resident.

According to the DOJ, these arrest warrants are “not to protect public safety but rather to facilitate fine collection.”

Source: Counter Current News

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