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3 Years After Trial, Casey Anthony Is ‘Afraid Of People’ Say’s Lawyer!!!

3 Years After Trial, Casey Anthony Is 'Afraid Of People' Say's Lawyer!!!


Three years after she was declared not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, one of Casey Anthony’s former lawyers says his client never leaves her house and still receives death threats.

“She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public,” Cheney Mason told CNN.

He said Anthony, 28, works at home from an undisclosed location in Florida.

“Casey is aloof,” Mason said. “She is kind of, I think, afraid of people… she’s not real close to. We’ve had a couple of occasions to have social gatherings that can include her — close friends, the (legal) team. She still likes to back away from the middle.”

Mason also said Anthony does not have a relationship with her mother or father.

Anthony was cleared of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child in 2011.

She still faces legal hurdles including an ongoing bankruptcy process.

In January, a bankruptcy judge ruled that Anthony would not have to pay most of her $970,000 debt.

Last year she agreed to pay $25,000 to her creditors in order to avoid selling off the rights to her life story.


Source:  Huffington Post




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