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27 Were Shot In Chicago On Fathers Day Weekend



Chicago’s haunting saga with gun violence continues, as the city plunges deeper into the abyss of gang warfare. This past weekend was an especially unfortunate and bloody three days, as twenty seven residents were shot, leaving two dead and a multitude more injured.

One victim was Brandon Peterson, 17, who was gunned down while standing with a group friends on the 3100 block of West Polk. Another casualty was 27 year old Dewey Kox, killed as a result of a drive by shooting.

The tragic weekend saw many more shot, with victims across all age groups, including one 11 year old girl. Escalating violence has led many to call on government officials to send much needed services, especially youth programs, and stricter gun laws to break the yoke that has cost the lives of many youths.


Source:  TheSource.com




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