23 Year Old Mother And Her Toddler Daughter Caught With $2 Million Worth Of Liquid Crystal Meth During A Traffic Stop

Seline Ayala

Photo Credit: Fox News

According to Fox News, Austin Police discovered close to 75 pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine during a traffic stop on I-35.

On July 12, officers pulled over 23-year-old Seline Ayala for speeding in the 5400 block of north I-35. After giving conflicting reasons for her travel, APD said they became suspicious of Ayala. When officers pressed her for clarification she become nervous and verbally aggressive, according to court paperwork.

APD narcotics K-9 Emma alerted to the car. Officers found the liquid crystal meth inside “Purple Power” degreaser jugs in the interior compartment and trunk. APD says the street .

Ayala was traveling with another passenger and her four-year-old daughter, according to court documents.

In a later interview, Ayala told police this was not her first meth delivery. In late June she made one other delivery to Carrollton, Texas. This time, an unidentified man asked her to drive the meth to the Dallas area from Laredo. She agreed and was to be paid when she returned.


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