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22-Year Old Black Woman Dies In Huntsville, Texas Jail After Car Accident Officials Are Tight-Lipped With The Details

Something is going on in the State of Texas!! Another black woman has died in police custody and the officials are keeping their lips sealed as to what happened.

Symone Marshall

Photo Credit: The Marshall Family

Family members of 22-year old Symone Marshall are demanding answers about the death of their loved one. According to Symone’s sister Honey Marshall, the young mother of a 3-year old girl had moved to Texas to get a fresh start with her life. Having only been in Texas for a few months, the sister says her sister was never in trouble and didn’t deserve to be treated this way let alone die alone in a jail cell.

Let’s look at what’s reported to have occurred according to NY Daily News:

  1. The young mother was involved in an accident where she stated to a relative she was ran off the road and caused her vehicle to be flipped over ultimately landing in a ditch.
  2. She was transported to a local jail in Huntsville, TX about 1 hour north of Houston as opposed to a hospital following the accident. If such incidents occur in Pasadena area truck accident lawyer will be able to handle the legal part of the complication.
  3. She spoke with her sister via phone from the jail where she complained of headaches and occasionally blacking out.
  4. Requests from the family was made to take the young mother to the hospital were ignored by  officials of Walker County Jail.
  5. A young black mother is dead and no one is giving up any answers.

EarHustle411 has to question what is really going on. A young woman was involved in an accident and was not taken to a hospital to ensure she didn’t sustain any injuries not visible to the human eye. So is this just a Texas thing where blacks are denied proper medical care while in custody? An even more pressing question is why was she taken to jail? The woman according to what we have reports of, she didn’t hurt anyone, doesn’t have a record (to our knowledge) but was transported to a jail.  Was she even “booked” with an official charge?

Symone Marshall

Photo Credit: The Marshall Family

With officials keeping a tightly closed mouth in this case, EarHustle411 will be keeping our ears to the streets and publish updates as they are released which we suspect won’t be too soon.  Pray that the actual details are revealed and officials are exposed as well as held accountable before any type of coverup commences.

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