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2-Year Old Toddler Gets Drunk After Being Served Sangria Instead Of Cranberry Juice

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The Gilliam family were just trying to celebrate a birthday with a nice dinner out. But their night ended in tears when they had to rush their 2-year-old daughter Gabriela to the hospital drunk.

The Asheville, North Carolina couple went to Texas Roadhouse this week to celebrate Derek Gilliam’s 25th birthday, with their toddler daughter in tow.

The family ordered dinner and non-alcoholic drinks – including a cranberry juice for baby Gabriela.

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However, Gabriela seemed to think the drink tasted funny, leading her parents to try it and also notice something was off.

What they figured out was that the waitress had mistakenly brought a glass of sangria to the table instead of cranberry juice, like their ordered. Sangria is a cocktail of wine mixed with fresh fruit.

It appears the alcohol was too much for little Gabriela’s small body, and she responded quickly.

‘She was staggering and she was kissing everything,’ mother Tiffany Gilliam told WLOS.

The experience likely ruined the restaurant for the Gilliams, who appear to have Favorited the joint. Less than two weeks before, they took Gabriela to the restaurant to celebrate her birthday as well, and she was pictured having a laugh while sitting on a horse saddle in photos posted to Facebook.

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drunk baby

When Gabriela started acting funny this week, and then started getting sick, they took the baby girl to the hospital where doctors diagnosed the girl with accidental alcohol ingestion. However, she is now doing better.

The incident caused concern for the Gilliams for days, as they stayed up to make sure their daughter slept soundly.

‘I was scared that she might not wake up,’ Mrs Gilliam said. ‘That she’d choke on her throw up and not wake up. It was the most horrible feeling ever.’

‘It was very scary. I mean me my mom, his mom, we were all in tears. I don’t want that to ever happen to anybody else’s child,’ Mrs Gilliam added.

The restaurant has since issued a public apology to the family, saying it was an honest mistake. They also took care of the Gilliam’s bill and sent one of their employees to the hospital for support.

Source: Daily Mail

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