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2 White Girls Make Rap Song About Lynching Black Boys Now Claim They Didn’t Know Any Better

2 White Girls Make Rap Song About Lynching Black Boys Now Claim They Didn't Know Any Better

Two white Texas girls have been in hot water since a recording of their racist improvised rap songstarted circulating on social media, and they have since released a letter of apology in which they blame society for their actions.

The recording, which was made in June 2013, begins with one girl rapping, “Nas nas n***as they always look at me, I want to kill them now, I want to hang them from a tree,” and continues to make reference to killing black boys as well as derogatory references to Latino and Asian-Americans.

However, the girls insisted that they did not understand what they were doing. “At this time in our lives, racism was not the talk of the country nor had we ever witnessed the true power of social media, twitter was still fresh and we had never heard of anyone getting in trouble for posting anything on social media, it was the beginning of this social era,” said one of the girls in a letter written to classmates and teachers.

“The song does not portray in any way how I actually feel about people,” one girl insisted. “I am a very open-minded person and I enjoy being part of a diverse family and diverse community. I am being raised to be respectful of all people, cultures and differences.”

The girls wanted to be clear that it was society that had given them these ideas, insisting that they did not pick up racism at home but in the world, where they heard racist jokes “all times of the day.”

“In my own home, my entire life I have never heard a foul or judgmental (sic) word for another race ever leave my parents’ mouths,” a girl claimed. “I myself have witnessed others spit racial slurs or comments and have been completely dumbfounded to the point of tears.”

Casting herself as the victim, she went on to say, “The person I am, the person I will now be remembered as, the person who would do anything to take back the words that have hurt and offended so many has accepted the fact that when people are hurt, they want someone to be held responsible. They need someone punished.”

Both girls expressed their deepest apologies and asked forgiveness from classmates and school employees.

Listen to the rap below and judge for yourself.


Source:  The Grio

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