2 Teen Girls Arrested For 2nd Degree Murder Of Serena Mckay; Teens Shared Footage Of Assault On Social Media

This latest story of assault is by far the most gruesome and despicable act EarHustle411 has ever seen.  It takes a very sick mind to do what these girls did and the backstory timeline behind it is just as disturbing.  These girls deserve every ounce of punishment they will get.  While the reasoning why these girls chose to beat Serena Mckay has not been revealed and whatever it may be is still not a reason to beat a person to death.  All of the families are going to suffer because of the actions of a few and for what “likes” or self imposed fame.

People are doing some outlandish things and posting the nonsense on social media and while it’s not a crime to post videos and all that jazz but it should be some consequences for the person who recorded the act.  Hopefully in that aspect thing will change and very quickly.

Read more on the arrest as reported by NY Daily News:

photo credit:Facebook

photo credit:Facebook

Two teen girls have been arrested on second-degree murder charges after they reportedly posted a video to Facebook Live which showed them beating a fellow student to death.

The unidentified Canadian teens, 16 and 17, of Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School, shared the disturbing footage to their social media page as well as a private instant messaging app, which demonstrated their bloody assault on Serena McKay, 19.

McKay, who was set to graduate this month, was last seen by her family Sunday, April 23, the same day she was found dead nearby the home.

McKay was heard in the recorded video crying out to her perpetrators, “I’m so sorry.”

serena mckay

The footage was left streaming on Facebook for nearly four hours before it was ordered to be taken down, according to a CBC report.

Principal of Sagkeeng Anicinab High, Claude Guimond alleged drugs may have been a factor in the violent crime.

“After seeing what I saw on the video, you know what? There’s nobody in their right mind (who) would do something like that, unless they were extremely high on whatever and just totally, like, out of it,” Guimond told the newspaper.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are currently investigating the incident, as well as “a case of mistaken identity” which involved officers grabbing and handcuffing the wrong 16-year-old suspect at a local bus stop.

“Once it was learned that it was not the correct person, she was released immediately,” police said in a statement.

The mistakenly arrested teen’s parents have since filed a formal complaint on the incident.

Source: NY Daily News

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