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16 Year Old Japanese Girl Cuts Off Friend’s Head Because She Wanted To Kill Someone

Aiwa Matsuo

Police in Japan say that a 16-year-old girl has admitted to slaying her classmate because she “wanted to kill someone” and “dissect” the body, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo News.

The victim, Aiwa Matsuo, 15, was found dead early Sunday in an apartment where the suspect lived. Police said that the suspect allegedly beat and strangled her classmate on Saturday night. She then “severed the victim’s head and cut off one of her hands,” according to the BBC.

The victim’s belly was also cut open, and police found various tools, including a hammer and a saw, at the home.

Matsuo’s family called police after their daughter didn’t come home Saturday night. The suspect was arrested at her apartment after the girl’s body was found. Her funeral was held Tuesday.

The suspect reportedly told police that she acted alone. Those who know the suspect described her as “very smart, with emotional ups and downs,” according to the Japan Times. Police said she will undergo psychiatric evaluation.

The alleged murder occurred in Sasebo, a city in Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture. A similar incident happened in the same city 10 years ago. In that circumstance, an 11-year-old girl stabbed her 12-year-old friend to death over remarks made in an Internet chat room.

Source: Huffington Post


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