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13-Year Old Racine, WI Boy Charged With 1st Degree Intentional Homocide

Another child has been charges as an adult and will be held in adult jail for his crimes.  There is a real problem when the home structure is so broken that our young boys are going to jail on a regular basis like this is normal.  Our children regardless of race or color have no conflict resolution skills, everything is resolved with violence.  The jails are filled with enough deviants as it is and when will something be put into place to “correct” this behavior with our young.  True everything starts at home but when the home is broken everything that comes from is more than likely to be broken as well so the “village” has to step in and help.

Read more as reported by Racine Uncovered:

jamal williams


A 13-year-old Racine boy has been charged with attempted 1st degree intentional homicide after stabbing his classmate 3 times.
Jamal S Williams, of Racine has been charged with Attempted 1st Degree Intentional Homicide and made his initial appearance in adult felony court today. He is being held on $50,000 cash bond and his preliminary hearing is set for September 17.

According to the criminal complaint– On September 8, 2014, Racine Police were dispatched to Wheaton Franciscan Medical Center for a report of a juvenile stabbing victim. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with the victim who stated that she was walking home from Gilmore Middle School with three friends in the area of Rapids Drive near Horlick High School. The victim stated that as she and her friends walked, 2 black males approached the group from behind, and the suspect began “picking at” her. The victim states that the suspect then came around in front of her, stated, “you messing with my girlfriend?” and began punching her several times in the left side.

The victim stated that after the punches, she realized the defendant had a pocket knife in his hand and that she had been stabbed. According to reports the victim struck the defendant several times and he began to flee. The victim was transported to Wheaten Franciscan/All Saints Emergency where hospital staff stated that there were three wounds that required stitches to close, including her upper left arm, her left forearm, and her upper left chest cavity.

Investigators with the Racine Police Department report that the suspect, who agreed to make a statement after being advised of his rights, stated that he did not know the victim or her friends.

Investigators interviewed witnesses who stated the two came across the victim and a group of friends.
According to reports the victim and suspect began arguing in the Pick N Save parking lot and allegedly agreed to fight, according to witnesses the suspect pulled out some sort of knife and stabbed the victim three times.

The criminal complaints states that the victim identified the defendant from a photo lineup as the person who stabbed her on her walk home from school. The victim stated she has been a victim of bullying at school last year and this year and believes the stabbing was related.

Source: Racine Uncovered

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