12,000 New Homes Planned By Developer For Chicago South Shore Neighborhood Gentrification At Its Finest

Game 101, Chicagoans keep hearing about all these shootings, yet no one is in custody.  Now Prime real estate in a predominately minority neighborhood is up for sale and guess who will be moving in?  Yuppies from the suburbs who want the neighborhood by the lake and the golf course.

Black folks, you have been played, hoodwinked and scared out of your neighborhoods with media propaganda, fake numbers of shootings, increased property tax and school closings just so hungry developers can move in like hungry hawks to stake a claim on your old neighborhoods.  Soon, this neighborhood will be unrecognizable.

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See what’s being reported by Time Out:

A housing developer based in Barcelona is planning to redevelop a massive swath of land on Chicago’s South Shore, with upwards of 12,000 new homes being proposed for the South Works steel property. Citing sources familiar with the site, Crain’s Chicago Business reported on Monday that Barcelona Housing System and WELink have reached an agreement with U.S. Steel to purchase a 430-acre piece of land that stretches from 79th Street to the Calumet River.

12,000 New Homes Planned By Developer For Chicago South Shore Neighborhood Gentrification At Its Finest

The masterplan for what’s being dubbed Chicago 8080 calls for the construction of 12,000 homes in a new residential area along the shore of Lake Michigan. According to Barcelona Housing System’s website, the “urbanization process” would cover more than 30 blocks and work would be divided into four phases, with each phase consisting of approximately 3,000 homes. They are partnering with builders like J.M. Thompson and the likes. Electric pallet jacks make moving and lifting objects easy as they enable operators to move and lift heavy objects, see more here.

“This approach follows the BHS concept based on the city of Barcelona, allowing the land use to be optimized for infrastructure and improving the quality of life,” the housing developer said on its website. “It will allow residents to enjoy this new 21st Century urban planning concept, with extensive green spaces, sustainable internal mobility, high use of renewable energies, common social areas, digital urban and community processes, urban vegetable gardens, etc.”

If realized, the joint venture between BHS and WELink would produce one of the largest residential developments in Chicago’s history, according to Crain’s.

Representatives from the developers or U.S. Steel have not publicly announced specific details of the plan. However, project renderings on BHS’s website depict a residential community filled with a mixture low- to mid-rise buildings, intersected by a redeveloped harbor and capped off with a new lakefront park.

Check out some renderings of the proposed 8080 Lakeshore development below.


Source:  Time Out

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