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10 Year Old Boy Allegedly Suffered Brutality By Indiana Police


As exhausting as it is to write about the continued mistreatment of Black people — male, female, adult, and youth alike — and as tiresome as it must be to continue to read about it, let us never forget that it is even worse for those who have to experience it firsthand.

Tracy Hamilton admits that her 10-year-old son, Kevin (pictured), has had some behavioral problems — enough to have him already enrolled at an alternative school.

However, what exactly does a 10-year-old have to do to result in police officers not only tackling him, but proceeding to give him several visible bruises to his face?

Speaking with WTHR 13 in Indianapolis, Hamilton quotes her son’s account of the event, noting,

“He just told me the police jumped on him and he hit the ground and his head hit the ground real hard. They put handcuffs on him.”

Police claim that the school went in to lockdown because Kevin assaulted a teacher by cornering her and throwing objects — a serious offense, surely. But as two officers proceeded to chase Kevin down a hallway, one claims to have accidentally fallen on him.

And when Kevin’s mother arrived, she was told, “Well, do not be alarmed, he has a scratch.” Upon taking Kevin to the emergency room for treatment and explaining to nurses what had happened, a nurse responded, “That could not be so.” But it is so and it begs the question: Why?

Kevin was not arrested, though police have countered that this is not their first time dealing with his behavioral problems.  Fair enough, but again, why does a 10-year-old have to be rushed to the hospital to treat facial wounds?

I’m not excusing Kevin’s alleged poor behavior, but it’s no secret that Black students (and other minority groups) are disciplined far more harshly in school than their White counterparts.

Likewise, now more than ever are we being bombarded with evidence that Black people are treated unfairly by many law enforcement officials.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Source: News One, WTHR (Video)

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