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WTH!!!!! Mother And Daughter Confession To Having More Than A Maternal Relationship


This story is hard to believe but in this day and age anything is possible. We was earhustling around the internet and came across this story on Stuppid.com. check it out

Mary and Vertasha Carter are more than mother and daughter. They are also lesbian lovers.

“Vertasha and I knew we were attracted to each other when she was sixteen,” Mary Carter said. “But we decided to wait to have sex until she was eighteen, legally of age. We are now going public with our relationship to help others who might be in gay mother/daughter relationship feel confident and okay about coming out. We want the world to know we love each other as mother and daughter and romantically.”

Laws forbid incest mostly because of inbreeding and the birth defects that can often come as a consequence.

“We’re women, so Vertasha  and I obviously can’t make children,” Mary Carter said. “It’d be one thing if her daddy (he’s out of the picture) got her pregnant and a baby was born with deformities, but we’re not hurting anyone. We’re a new minority and just want acceptance.”

Vertasha is apparently happy with the relationship as well.

“My mom is still my mom. She does normal mom stuff: buys me clothes, pays for food, tells me to make our bed. We just happen to enjoy sex with each other too.”



  1. patricia

    September 15, 2014 at 4:34 PM

    I almost vomited. Obviously the child has been well groomed by her depraved mother . I pray that the child will one day see the light

  2. Anonymous

    September 16, 2014 at 1:35 PM

    That’s some sick shit her mom should be ashame to do some bullshit like that what the fuck is wrong with folks that’s your dam daughter lady and the dad got to be crazy also allowing that to happen.

  3. susan

    October 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    The mother says “we’re a new minority and just want acceptance”; my question is how can you define this as a ‘new minority’? First of all there is nothing new under the sun, any minority status does not apply to Lesbianism. I’m really trying to wrap my head around you having sexual activity and lustful feelings toward your own child…..I think you have some ulterior motives to keep her away from men for many reasons, or you have issues with men (or do you have sex with men also?) You did to have a daughter. Anyway, if you were to DEEPLY search your Spiritual self you would have to see how wrong you are.What happens when your daughter no longer wants this? Refuses you-will you punish her in some way?
    LASTLY, in my opinion it is child abuse, even if the daughter accepts it (mother is the responsible???? Adult/abuser who groomed her child to ACCEPT this ‘relationship’. At 18 she is still just an older child; learning about sex and her own mother? imposed her lustful/sexual desires on her. Why wouldn’t she accept it from someone she trusts; that is what abusers do, gain your trust so you are willing and accepting and believe it’s okay.
    Mom should be arrested! See how much sex she gets from daughter then. Let someone raise her that is in their right mind.

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