MC Lyte Talks With Hot 97 About Rep Beefs, Kids & The Female MC [Video]

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EarHustle411 is always researching the entertainment industry.  We came across this video of our girl MC Lyte being interviewed with Hot 97.  She has a candid interview with radio host Ebro and Laura Stylez.  We can appreciate MC Lyte’s candor in her discussion about the industry and her thoughts on the rap industry.  She is always so positive and uplifting regardless of the situation or circumstance.

We are so very proud of the progress MC Lyte has achieved and she is determined to share the good, bad and indifferent situations she has overcome being a female MC.

Take a look at MC Lyte’s interview with Hot 97:


EarHustle411 and the writing staff congratulates MC Lyte on all that she has done and wishes her all the best as she moves forward on the next level of her journey.  WE LOVE US SOME MC LYTE!!!

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Source: Hot 97

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