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Local Animal Hospital In Dolton, IL Under Investigation; Several Sick Animals Found On The Premises


The Dolton Animal Hospital has been shut down and is under investigation after the remains of four dogs were found there over the weekend. Several other dogs and cats in poor health were also removed from the facility. Every animal in the hospital has been removed from the premises.

Inspectors deemed to building uninhabitable. On Sunday, police were in the process of interviewing an animal hospital employee to glean more information how conditions reached this point.

Some clients noticed a foul odor last week. Sunday, county police and animal control officers found four dead dogs and ten emaciated animals. Officers says they were in cages without food or water.

The State Department of Financial and Professional Regulation says the veterinarian at the clinic has a valid license. Investigators are talking with staff to try and determine what happened and how things got so bad.

Patrice Burton has been bringing her dog here for 12 years. She was troubled when boarding her dog because he hadn’t eaten, not even her homecooked chicken.

“We did notice he lost a lot of weight,” Burton said. “I was upset then and I’m upset today.”

Fleeta Pines saw the report last night and came to get her dog’s records today.

“I think it’s deplorable,” Pines said.

Source: ABC

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