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EARHUSTLE411 UPDATE: Girl Accused Of Beating Mother In Front Of Her 2-Year Old Turns Herself In

Well it’s about time!!! The woman who savagely beat another woman in front of her child has turned herself in.  I hope they throw 2 whole books at her!!


Salem County Police say on Monday, June 30th around 7 p.m., Latia Harris turned herself in to authorities.

The McDonald’s worker is accused of beating 27-year-old Catherine Ferreira in front of her 2-year-old son and bystanders with cameras.

Ferreira told Fox 29 no one helped during the taped beating except her son Xzavion. She says her son repeatedly kicked the suspect, 25- year-old Latia Harris, trying to get her to stop.

As Harris was led into the Salem County jail she did not speak to reporters.

She was a much different woman since we saw her last week.

“We were looking for Ms. Harris over the weekend. I think they were getting really close. I think she had no other option than to turn herself in,” said Salem Police Chief John Pelura.

Police say since the attack Harris spent the last 4 days hiding out in Philadelphia.

“It’s just kind of sickening,” said Kelly McLauglin.

McLaughlin worked with both women at the McDonald’s.

She said the argument between the two started over simple work rumors.

“I think it’s a good thing she turned herself in because if she just kept running it would only make it worse for her in the long run,” said McLauglin.

The disturbing widely viewed video has the small city of Salem in the spotlight.

Many disappointed with the nearly dozen onlookers who refused to step in to help. Prosecutors declined to file any other charges.

“Somebody should have stopped her. Somebody should have called the cops. I feel sorry for the kid to see something like that,” said Salem resident Anthony Stanback.

Harris is being held at the Salem County Correctional Facility in default of $35,000 Full bail. There is a no contact order in effect between Harris and the victim.

Source: Fox News Detroit


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